For Captains:
Our boating ride sharing app already has over 8,000 downloads and is growing daily. We connect licensed captains like yourself to everyday people who want to have fun on the water, whether that is fishing, cruising, sightseeing or catching a ride to and from the sandbar.

For Users:
The HOBA mobile app is the best way to find a boat captain, hop on and enjoy a trip on the water! Never worry about renting a boat and not knowing the local waters or navigating your way. HOBA Captains are full licensed and insured and know how to show you the best time you’ve ever had on the water.

How do I register?
Have your documents ready (Boat Registration, Captain's License, Insurance, & Payment Info). You must register through the website portal register then it will prompt you to create a Stripe Account (similar to PayPal). After you complete registration, download the HOBA Captain app.

Which app should I download?
There are two HOBA apps (1 for Riders, and 1 for Captains). Make sure you download the correct app, called HOBA Captains (navy color w/ white captain hat icon). Both iOS & Android applications available.

How do people find me and my boat?
After you register, download the app, and create your profile, toggle your status in the app to "Active". This will enable riders to see your boat location on a map and request a trip through a direct message. When you are not accepting rides, toggle to “I’m Unavailable”.

How do I get paid?
You set your own rate. Captains make 80% of the revenue from trips, and HOBA earns 20%. Riders can leave you a tip after their trip has ended. During registration, you will create a Stripe account (similar to PayPal). We use Stripe to connect your bank account and direct deposit your earnings.

How fast do I get paid?
You get paid immediately. Passengers get charged on their credit card the minute they book a trip and it goes straight to your bank account.