Captain's License OUPV/Six-pack (Digital/Deluxe Edition)

Captain's License OUPV/Six-pack (Digital/Deluxe Edition)

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Deluxe Base Price: $695.00
Digital Towing Endorsement: +$125.00
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The OUPV/Six-Pack Captain's License is required for those wishing to offer fishing and sailing charters, drive a dive boat, run sightseeing tours, etc. Commonly referred to as the "6-Pack license," this permit allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and crew on the water.

The Towing Endorsement is required if you will be engaged in towing a disabled vessel for payment, such as the activities of a Sea Tow or TowBoat U.S. operator.

The base Online Course and Exam includes 12-month access to complete our online course and pass our final exam. Additionally, you will receive a Long Island Sound Training Chart and Official Test Packet for your original attempt at the Chart Plotting final exam in an MLS Carrying Kit. Our Deluxe Edition includes everything offered in the Online Course and Exam base package, plus a Deluxe Navigators Tool Set.


Our OUPV/Six-Pack courses are Coast Guard-approved to improve your knowledge and knowhow. This OUPV Captain’s License 6-Pack online course and exam is designed for recreational boaters and those wanting to pursue a career in commercial boating operations.

The OUPV/Six-Pack Online Course and Exam includes:

  • 12 month's access to complete the course and pass the final exam ONLINE
  • Full-sized Long Island Sound Training Chart – 12354TR
  • Official Test Packet for your original attempt at the Chart Plotting final exam 
  • Red MLS Carrying Bag

The Deluxe Edition option contains what is in the base Online Course and Exam, plus a Deluxe Navigators Tool Set:

  • Dividers
  • Parallels
  • Calculator
  • Magnifier
  • Notepad
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Two Pencils

Instead of a red MLS Carrying Bag, you will receive a blue one!

The Assistance Towing Endorsement Online Course and Exam can be purchased as an add-on to either the OUPV/Six-Pack Online Course and Exam or Deluxe Edition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT OPEN the Official Test Packet for your original attempt at the Chart Plotting final exam until prompted to do so while taking the online exam. If opened/tampered with, the entire test will be scored as a failure and there will be a replacement fee. 

Physical materials are available for free shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Alternative shipping options are available at checkout for an additional cost.


The USCG Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV/Six-Pack Captain's License) allows the holder to carry up to six paying passengers on uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75-90 feet long). These are usually smaller vessels that normally engage in charter fishing, SCUBA diving, or tour cruises. As such, these vessels are limited to six paying passengers plus crew-hence the term "Six-Pack." This license is valid on uninspected vessels to 100 gross tons. The OUPV License is issued in three forms:

OUPV Inland License: The license holder is restricted to operation shoreward of the boundary line, excluding the Great Lakes. As a general rule, the U.S. Boundary Line follows coastal shorelines and across the entrances to small bays, inlets, and rivers.

  • This license requires at least 360 days of documented experience in the operation of vessels, with 90 of the 360 days occurring in the last three years.
  • The Six-Pack Inland License can be upgraded to a Near Coastal License once 90 days of experience seaward of the U.S. Boundary has been achieved.

OUPV Great Lakes & Inland: The license holder is restricted to operation shoreward of the boundary line, including the Great Lakes. 

  • This license requires at least 360 days of documented experience in the operation of vessels, with 90 of those days on the Great Lakes. Additionally, out of the 360, 90 days occurring in the last three years. 

OUPV Near Coastal: This license is valid on U.S. inland waterways and up to 100 nautical miles out. 

  • This license requires at least 360 days of documented experience in the operation of vessels, 90 of which must be gained seaward of the boundary line. Ninety of the 360 days must be in the last three years.

Note: Sea Service experience can be counted on your own vessel. A Small Vessel Sea Service Form and proof of ownership are required. Experience on other people's vessels can also be counted. In this instance, to verify experience claimed, and vessel details, a completed Sea Service Form with the owner's signature must accompany the application. Experience gained prior to 16 years of age may not be counted.

Additional Requirements Include:

  • Obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC Card)
  • Minimum age: 18 years old (Legal to Work in the U.S. Required) 
  • Pass a Physical Examination
  • Pass a DOT Drug Test unless enrolled in a USCG - approved random drug testing program for the last 185 days, and with no failure or refusal to participate in a chemical test for dangerous drugs.
  • Adult CPR/Basic First Aid training
  • Completion of Mariners Learning System USCG-approved OUPV/Six-Pack online course and final exam
  • Complete a USCG Original License Application Package

No testing at the USCG Regional Exam Centers is necessary. All testing is done ONLINE through the MLS account.

Upon successful completion of the Mariners Learning System online OUPV/Six-Pack course, the student studies the materials and takes our proctored exam online. Once the student passes our multiple-choice exam, they will receive a Mariners Learning System certificate recognized by the United States Coast Guard. Simply submit, within one year, the original certificate along with the application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will mail the license.


Once the student completes the course quizzes and online module exam(s), they can test on-demand online for their final proctored exam with Mariners Learning System™. No testing at the Coast Guard Regional Exam Centers.

The student must pass all modules to receive a certification of completion. If a student fails one or more modules, they will be able to retest after the previous exams are reviewed, and reattempts unlocked. This re-examination must occur within 3 months of the original testing attempt or prior to the course expiration date, whichever date comes first. Those who do not pass an exam module after three attempts must retake the entire online course and retest all modules online prior to the year course expiration date and wait a period of 45 days to retest.

Exam Modules

Rules of the Road
Navigation General
Deck General

Number of Questions


Minimum Score Required


Number of Questions a student can get wrong and still pass

5 wrong
1 wrong
15 wrong
15 wrong


Students must have a high-speed Internet connection and an up-to-date desktop or laptop with a webcam and microphone. Also, students must have the ability to download software through the MLS account. This is required to access the exam.

When testing online for the proctored exam, students will be required to display a legible photocopy of their Coast Guard recognized photo identification to the computer screen. The student will be required to complete the course evaluation form prior to testing. These copies will be retained for our records per USCG requirements.

The list of acceptable forms of photo identification includes:

  • U.S. driver’s license
  • U.S. Passport
  • Foreign Passport
  • Law enforcement credential, with photograph of the applicant, issued by Federal, State, or local government
  • U.S. Military identification card
  • Official identification card issued by a State, or local government
  • Official identification card issued by the Federal Government
  • Merchant Marine Document issued after February 3, 2003