Captain Mike,

I want to thank you and Captain Harry.

I have learned so many things since starting the class.

Captain Harry was excellent. He is well seasoned and very knowledgeable about all the various modules of the class, i.e. rules of the road, navigation, etc.

I thank you for the experience.

Sean Gallagher

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your incredible talent, knowledge and teaching skills. My Master's (50T) license has given me tremendous access - all local authorities respect and recognize. I shipped my Viking here and we are cruising the Med.

Dim Cos Master Upgrade

Having a celebratory beer at McIntyres after finishing up the Masters test. Finished up the OUPV/ Masters and towing endorsement. This is one of the best things I have ever done and am glad I did it. The content was great and so relevant to what I do. Also wanted to let you know Capt. Harry was an excellent instructor. I learned a great deal from him that is going to serve me extremely well in the future. Just wanted to thank you and your crew for making this course available and for the last 4 weeks which I really enjoyed.

Tom D OUPV Toms River JAN

GREAT teacher. Best class I could ever asked for!! Thanks Capt. Mike hope all is well.

Andrew L, OUPV Tom River March

Hello Captain Mike. Thanks for the opportunity you extended to me to participate at the class you held at Shake a Leg. I'm very grateful for your generosity in allowing me to take advantage of the scholarship as a volunteer of Shake a leg.You can count on me for referrals on your future classes, not just because of your special arrangement for my participation but especially for your professionalism and management and for your your impressive instructor, Captain Joaquin.


Went to class after I retired and had the career for another 13 years. Navigation was tough but I got it down to were I taught my friends. Capt Mike was tough on us and it made me a better professional captain.

Bob S OUPV Toms River JUN

OUPV Class

Capt. Mike has been doing this a long time. And, there is a reason why his classes are highly recommended.

Mark E OUPV Toms River OCT 19

Masters Upgrade class

Your operation, along with great teachers is a blessing!!! The tutoring and time spent definately has helped my reward of passing thanks for all you do!! And a special thanks to capt Clarissa!!!!

Dave S. OUPV Miami NOV

Just wanted to reach out and say Capt Harry and Capt Annie were an awesome duo. We felt like they covered the material thoroughly and gave us confidence from the first 5 minutes in class. We happily passed the first time around and are grateful for how you organize it all. CPR/first aid was great last night too. Your program is excellent. My husband and I have talked about this for so many years we are very pleased we finally did it. And so thankful for Harry and Annie.

Emily & Dustin B January